The Consultation

Before your initial consultation I will send you a comprehensive form and food diary to fill in. This will give me valuable information about your health history, foods you eat as well as possible biochemical and nutritional imbalances.

During your initial consultation we will discuss the information on your forms and other information that is linked to this. I will then discuss with you the possible underlying causes of your symptoms and your nutritional requirements. It may be that we would want at this point to consider some biochemical testing to ascertain more information. However, you will leave this consultation with a personalised food and lifestyle plan. I also work with supplements and may recommend you included some of these in your plan.

Generally at least one follow up consultation is recommended as these are important to monitor progress, change the plan if necessary and maintain motivation and the feeling of being supported.

I believe in collaborative and integrative care.

Nutritional Therapy is recognized as a complementary medicine and can be used alone or alongside another practitioner. I am happy to work with your GP or consultant. I may also refer to another qualified Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner if necessary. As well as having your best health interests in mind, I want to make my client feel guided, looked after and valued.


Initial: £65
Follow up: £45

The initial consultation usually lasts approximately 1 hour and the follow up 45 minutes. The fee includes preparation and research before the initial consultation as well as in between consultations where more research, contact with other health professionals or analysis of test results is often necessary.