Metabolic Balancing

Logo-NEU_CI_jpeg_Internet_13KB_farbigMetabolic Balance┬« is an innovative all-natural nutrition program that brings balance to your hormones, optimizes your health, and is well known for resulting in successful long-term weight management. The foundation of the programme is metabolic balance’s unique capability to develop a truly personalized nutrition plan based upon an in-depth analysis of your unique blood values, medical history and personal likes and dislikes. It is entirely natural, no pills or potions or crash diets or calorie counting.

So what are the benefits?

  • Effective regulation of weight
  • Recovery of illnesses
  • Increased functional capacities
  • Improved concentration
  • Greater stress resistance
  • Higher degree of tolerance
  • More vitality and enjoyment of life.

How does it work?

Your personalized all-natural nutrition plan balances your personal “body chemistry” with the right “food chemistry”. The research, over 25 years worth, goes to the root cause of how and why a person stores and releases energy and fat. It’s base assumption is that your body is capable of producing (on its own) the hormones and enzymes that are needed to function. In order to function, a body requires “building material” in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients that are obtained from the foods you eat. Your plan concentrates on the exact foods that possess the essential, vital nutrients your body most needs. Based on this in-depth scientific and innovative understanding, metabolic balance┬« develops your personalized nutrition plan to naturally balance your hormones, enzymes and your biochemistry.

Metabolic Balancing is scientifically proven

A study on the metabolic Balance programme was recently published in the Journal of Nutrition and
Metabolism ( The study revealed that the participant’s blood chemistry values and their Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) showed significant improvement!

The Package

What’s included in the metabolic balance programme?

This is a 3 month programme in which time you will have dedicated and motivating support from a certified coach who is trained to help make the programme work for you as an individual.

  • An initial consultation to take measurement and data and arrangements for the blood tests to be made.
  • The complete haematology/biochemistry profile which includes hormonal markers which determines your metabolism. (Please note that this MUST be a fasting sample).
  • Your individualised metabolic balancing programme. This is usually returned to you within 5 days.
  • Your first face to face consultation to start you on your programme. Your second face to face consultation to discuss your progress. This takes place one week into your programme
  • Up to four more consultations over the next 3 months to monitor progress, maintain motivation and tweak the programme if necessary. Skype consultations are available at this point to help fit into busy schedules.
  • Email and phone support throughout answering your questions, worries and concerns

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