About Nutritional Therapy

cache_2422410690b7aaNutritional Therapy is a natural way in which you can restore and maintain good health using food and supplements. Your body is constantly trying to maintain its biochemical and emotional balance but when put under pressure for too long imbalances and nutritional deficiencies can occur.

Nutritional therapy uses the functional medicine approach which addresses the underlying causes of these imbalances rather than the symptoms. We are all unique in our biochemical, genetic and emotional make-up and nutritional therapy reflects this in that the programme you will be given will be unique to you.

Nutritional Therapy does not believe in fad diets or calorie counting. Rather it helps in developing sustainable, enjoyable and workable changes in your diet and lifestyle which will help alleviate your health issues, support you in any chronic illnesses and unleash your potential and energy in order to make you feel like you again.

Change is daunting and can be a challenge. I see it as my role to motivate you and empower you to find your unique value again and make the changes you want to make for your own health and wellbeing.